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Amish Autumn Love (Love in Sugar Creek Book 4) eBook: Emma Cartwright: slumcomresal.cf: Kindle Store. An Amish Sweet Christian Romance suitable for all ages. Don't miss these other stories of Amish love and faith by Emma Cartwright.
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Marriage is difficult enough without beginning with two strikes against you. However, that being said, the book kept me engaged. I liked the characters. I love the Amish community and the way they care for each other and worry about each other. Both main characters went through a time of deep grieving and hurt; I think this is what drew them together more than anything else. They wanted to be happy and feel like they belonged again.

My Comments about the series: Although I read this series out of order, I would not recommend that. The books build. Hello All! One of my new adventures and challenges these past few months has been homeschooling my 3 beauties. My youngest daughter will be 5 this spring and is showing a real interest in reading. I was thrilled to find these books at our local library. Brian P. My daughter was at the stage where she could easily read book one.

Book two introduces consonant blends.

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Each page introduces 3 words with a picture of each word. The child reads the three words using the picture clues and then reads a silly sentence using all of those three words plus one or two that sound similar use the same ending sound. This technique was awesome. By the time we completed reading book 2, I felt she had a much better handle on how to read consonant blends.

Christopher Marshall is a weary and wounded ex-soldier who just wants some peace in his life. He met Jenny in the hospital and later corresponds with her. When he visits her and Matthew, he envies them their happiness. Yet there also is a deep attraction between them, and they fall in love. Born and raised on a Kansas farm, Christopher finally finds peace in this simple community helping Matthew with the crops.

He has no fear for himself. My Comments: I found this book a great mix of the military and the Amish which seem to not mix at all, actually. Hannah is a great female character — somebody to admire. A Time to Heal is another story where an English man becomes interested in joining the Amish faith. This story makes it believable because Chris came from a farming and simple background. He found the Amish life peaceful and he made wonderful friends.

The Amish seem amazingly hospitable to strangers. This book is the second in a series, and I have enjoyed both books! I look forward to the third and final book, A Time for Peace, as well. I enjoy reading future books by both! A personal memoir by bestselling author and celebrity journalist Glenn Plaskin, KATIE is a moving story about a man who discovers the true meaning of family after adopting a cocker spaniel puppy.

Through the magnetic personality of his mischievous dog, the author soon makes powerful connections with several of his down-the-hall neighbors in a high-rise located in the unique Battery Park City neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. First, Katie trots into the lives of Pearl and Arthur, a warm-hearted elderly couple just a few doors down from Glenn. All of their lives are profoundly changed as they are transformed from neighbors to friends to family, with Pearl as matriarch. Through it all, the family clings to each other, sharing a deep bond that give each comfort, support and security.

My Comments: Dog lovers everywhere will enjoy this book. Katie is a little person in a fur coat.

She responds to people everywhere and shows lots of love to the people she comes in contact with. In this case, Katie brings together five lonely people and helps to create a family, nontraditional, but nonetheless a family. The common love for Katie bonds these five people. I found the writing quite engaging and the story moving. I actually found myself wanting to get into the car and go the the pound to get a pound puppy! Dog books generally effect me that way, especially well-written ones such as this.


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I loved it, and I loved Katie! Join Mallory Carlisle on an unforgettable journey of hope and healing as she comes to terms with painful and devastating secrets from her childhood. This novel, connected to the Circle of Friends Ministry, will challenge your faith as you witness the redemption and restoration that is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I like the fact that the authors dealt with these issues by educating the reader through story. Consequences are real for covering up and ignoring sin.

Several of these very real consequences were brought out in this story, along with helpful solutions. I read this book quickly. I enjoyed the story although the content was difficult at times. I think these areas are all ones we should be aware of and educated in. I found this book a good and helpful read! Piper Donovan never imagined that decorating wedding cakes could be so dangerous!

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A struggling actress with no immediate prospects and a recently broken engagement, Piper moves back in with her parents to take stock of her life. She steps tentatively into the family bakery business, and finds herself agreeing to create the wedding cake for the acclaimed star of a daytime television drama. But soon, someone close to the bride-to-be is horribly murdered and it seems that somebody is ruthlessly determined to stop the wedding.

With the help of her former neighbor, Jack, a handsome FBI agent with a soft spot for the gorgeous cake-maker, Piper moves closer to the truth.

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After writing 12 media thrillers and a career at CBS News, the author is currently taking cake decorating classes herself, having fun as she works on her baking skills, and concocting her next novel. My Comments: I enjoyed this nice, cozy mystery! Piper is a nice, family girl who wants to be an actress and actually receives occasional roles. She lives with her mom and dad for now. Her parents have their own issues to contend with. The story moves along well. The author gave several potential suspects and I liked guessing which one actually committed the crime! I know people like him — or at least people that would like to BE like him — a little fanatical about safety.

I like someone who bakes as the main character and part of the setting actually being in a bakery. Thank you NetGalley for the galley of this book. To Have and to Kill was published the end of December Moving from Pennsylvania, finding rewarding work, and leaving a broken romance behind is the best decision Titus ever made. But is he ready to consider love again when he meets two women: one who seems perfectly suited for any Amish man and one who challenges long held ideas of the woman s role. Who will Titus choose, and will it be the right choice? My Comments: The Journey is another sweet Amish story.

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Again, there is not a major difference between the two groups. They seemed to have the same beliefs and practices. Some of the language is different. And a Christmas tree farmer has an epiphany.

Christmas in Sugarcreek: An Amish Christmas Series: Book One (Amish Romance)

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