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Haunted Ontario / Haunted Ontario 3 / Haunted Ontario 4 Terry Boyle Ernie acknowledged Sister Florence and asked, “How many are you in charge of? The spirit replied, “I worked here as a custodian, but I got tired of it and went to the.
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A second volume co-edited by Helena was published by the Australian Museum from to AW Scott never saw this as he died in The success of the Lepidoptera opened many doors for the sisters. They were awarded the rare privilege of honorary membership of the Entomological Society of NSW and received numerous requests for commissions.

These are still used by scientists today. Helena married Edward Forde in and left Ash Island. The following year she accompanied him on his survey of the Darling River. While on this trip she collected specimens and material for her proposed illustrated book on the flora of the Darling. However, she and Edward contracted fever and Edward died in June We give up every article that belongs to us and if I can take my drawing materials I shall think myself fortunate.

With these I hope to be able to make enough to live in a very small way for a time You do not know how very, very disagreeable it is to me I know I can trust you, but I should be sorry that anybody else should know, and Papa would be mad. Helena designed the wildflower images that appeared on the first Australian-themed Christmas cards, marketed by the Sydney publishers Turner and Henderson in In the following year Harriet designed a similar set of twelve. Harriet also drew botanical illustrations for the Railway Guide to New South Wales first, second and third editions published in , and The sisters continued to draw and paint commercially throughout their lives, although Harriet did much less work after her marriage to Dr Cosby William Morgan in , becoming step-mother to his four daughters.

Helena was still actively seeking work in her 70s. Harriet died in Granville in and Helena in Harris Park in Neither left any descendants. Examples from a large collection of sketches and drawings created by AW Scott and his daughters to record the appearance, habits and life cycles of the moths and butterflies they were collecting, rearing and classifying. The "picturesque pursuits" of two female colonial artists have taken on a contemporary role unimagined during the original execution of their exquisite works more than years ago.

Archivist Rose Docker reveals the extraordinary work of the Scott sisters. AW Scott was part of a large and influential family that migrated to Australia from England in the s.

Fisheries in the Pacific

A qualified lawyer with an MA from Cambridge, he became known in the colony as a grazier, entomologist and entrepreneur. In the Australian Museum purchased a remarkable collection of papers of the Alexander Walker Scott family. The Australian Museum has hundreds of moths and butterflies donated in the s by Alexander Walker Scott and his daughters Helena and Harriet. These were collected during their research for AW Scott's two-volume book Australian Lepidoptera and their Transformations. Helena Scott meticulously dried and pressed over plant specimens.

Alexander Walker Scott acquired a love of natural history from his father. Although trained as a lawyer, and with a number of business and political interests, he increasingly spent his time collecting and researching butterflies and moths.

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Read the notebooks of the most famous natural history illustrators working in Sydney in the last decades of the 19th century. Read selected extracts from the notebooks of the most famous natural history illustrators working in Sydney in the last decades of the 19th century Read selected extracts from the notebooks of the most famous natural history illustrators working in Sydney in the nineteenth century. Sisters Helena and Harriet Scott documented the butterflies and botany of NSW in exquisite detail, but their path was not without struggle.

Beautiful and intricate, this stunning exhibition features up to 39 professionally mounted and framed reproductions of original watercolours by Harriet and Helena Scott.

Introduction: Pacific Islanders, “custodians of the ocean” facing fisheries challenges

Spring has come to Sydney, and the Scott sisters and their delicate, detailed, extraordinary butterfly and moth paintings are on show at the Australian Museum. Recently I took a field trip to Ash Island in the Hunter estuary where the Scott sisters lived, painted and collected for more than 20 years from The Scott sisters' artistic talents were not limited to depicting moths and butterflies.

Over a few industrious decades they produced most of the artwork for scientific literature in Sydney. Skip to main content Skip to acknowledgement of country Skip to footer. Original watercolour by Harriet Scott.

Portrait of Helena Scott. Photographer: Stuart Humphreys.

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Illustration of diamond snake in Snakes of Australia. Photographer: Leone Lemmer. Card designed by Harriet Scott. Photographer: James King. Harriet and Helena Scott: their life and works Uncover the captivating story of these two extraordinary women whose love of nature and tremendous skill in rendering its beauty enabled them to distinguish themselves amid the male-dominated world of 19th century science.

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  6. Their early life in Sydney Helena and Harriet Scott were born in the Rocks area of Sydney to Harriet Calcott, daughter of an ex-convict, and Alexander Walter Scott, a wealthy man who would become known in the colony as an entomologist, grazier and entrepreneur. Working on the Lepidoptera book AW Scott schooled his two talented daughters in the techniques of natural history illustrating and the scientific skills of observing, collecting and recording for many years, even before they moved to Ash Island.

    The work they did for their father included collecting and raising live specimens, observing and noting their behaviour as well as their preferred host plants: 'The female [ of Acraea andromacha ] being observed depositing her eggs in great numbers on a Passion flower in February, they were collected, and thus the Caterpillars were had in abundance and were most easily reared, so much so that we obtained upwards of 60 of the perfect insects per diem for several days More information.

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